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Socks: how to wash and care

Sukkien pesu ja hoito

Hukkasukka |

When washing clothes, it is good to follow each garment's own washing instructions. Rarely, however, are the washing instructions for socks the first or second concern, but you want to make sure that your favorite shirt doesn't shrink in the wash. However, in terms of saving money, material waste and the well-being of your feet, it's good to remember to wash your socks properly. In this way, the elasticity, softness and correct size of the sock are preserved for longer. Properly washed socks are also better for the feet.

Below are a few tips that apply to washing and caring for all socks. Finally, briefly the washing instructions related to Hukkasukki.

Wash at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer

The manufacturer of the sock knows best at what temperature the sock stays good. In general, sock manufacturers recommend washing socks at 40 or 60 degrees - the right temperature depends on the materials of the socks.

Washing in too hot a temperature can cause the socks to shrink. This is a danger especially in socks with stretchy materials such as elastane. With modern detergents, even a lower temperature should be enough - some sock manufacturers recommend 30 degrees as a washing temperature.

Avoid tumble drying and excessively hard washing cycles

Like washing in too hot, tumble drying can also shrink socks.

However, according to one study, the shrinkage of clothes is often caused by the rotation of the machine, not necessarily by the temperature. Therefore, it is also advisable to avoid excessively hard cycles when washing. Excessive rolling motion also wears down the fabric, resulting in a shorter sock life.

You don't need fabric softener

Socks do not require fabric softener. On the contrary - fabric softener can weaken the stretchy materials of socks, such as elastane.

Wash inside out

The socks should be turned inside out for washing, as stones and dirt may have gotten into the socks with the feet. The socks may also have fluff that has come loose from the sock or skin that has come off the feet, for example. When washing inside out, all this will drain away with the washing water. Garbage left spinning in the sock is first of all uncomfortable, but can also cause infections or nail ingrowth when it gets under the nail.

Washing white socks

White socks get dark easily, especially on the soles. Wash your white socks from time to time with a stain remover - preferably bleach.

Other home remedies for this include soaking with water and one of the following substances: vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.

Washing waste socks

The Waste Socks we sell are subject to the same washing instructions as socks in general. Here are our recommendations:

  • Wash at 40 degrees
  • Bamboo socks may shrink slightly when tumble dried, so we recommend avoiding it
  • Merino wool socks should not be tumble dried, as the wool will shrink

Get to know Hukkasukki

Check out the silky-soft and breathable Hukka Socks below. You can recognize each size of waste socks by the color of the logo - it makes it easier to sort the socks after washing! Waste socks last a long time and with the right care they stay good even longer.