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How to recycle socks - ideas for reusing socks

Miten sukat kierrätetään - ideoita sukkien uusiokäyttöön

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In the rush of the morning, when the heel slips through the sock or the big toe peeks through the toe of the sock, it's time to think about giving up the sock, no matter how beloved it is. A broken sock does not protect the foot well enough from cold, moisture and chafing, and a heel that splits under the sock is not a very popular style either.

The circular economy rears its head all the time, but how on earth do you recycle used clothes? Textile recycling is constantly being developed and it may even become a significant industry in Finland . For example, waste textiles can be processed back into yarn, or pieces of old textiles can be used to make new clothes and, for example, bags. Waste fabric can also end up being used in industry - for example, as upholstery for a new car or as a seal for a washing machine .

Where to the broken textiles?

Some municipalities accept broken textiles for reuse - here is a link to Helsinki's recycling guidelines. Old textiles are also accepted by companies and communities such as Recci , Finlayson , Nextiili , Tex Vex , Partex and Piece of Jeans .

Sock recycling still has challenges

Unfortunately, textile recycling is still in its early stages and recycling socks and other hygiene textiles into new textiles is not possible - we have inquired about this from various textile recycling organizations. A used sock belongs to energy waste. For this reason, it is even more important to invest in the material, quality and longevity of socks.

Ideas for reusing socks

Even though socks cannot be reasonably recycled, you can still find a use for a sock with holes in it. Here we present a few ideas - more or less a glint in the corner of the eye. Some of these can be really useful!

You can use a sock to wipe dust off plants and surfaces, for example

Home and car maintenance

  • Use a sock to wipe the dust from moldings, blinds or plants. Give the spider ladies a ride. Use the sock as a rag or mop.
  • A sock filled with coffee powder is said to remove odors from, for example, a wardrobe or a car.
  • Fill the sock with cat litter made of silica crystals, tie the sock closed and place the sock to absorb moisture, e.g. on the dashboard of a car , between windows or in cabinets for electronic devices.
  • Thread your shoes or clean your car using an old sock as a rag
  • Keep old socks where you keep bike maintenance items. When maintaining a bike, there is often a need for rags, and old socks work well for this
  • Store small items such as game pieces or candles in socks
    Socks can be recycled by protecting the bat with a sock


  • If children are playing racquetball indoors, prevent the floor from being scratched by placing a sock around the racquet platform
  • Protect your golf club by tying a stylish wool sock around the club

For a picnic

Socks can be reused by protecting picnic bottles with socks
  • Protect the glass bottles by stringing them into a sock
  • Wet a thick sock with cold water and thread the bottle inside - this way the drink stays cold longer

Outdoor activities & camping

  • When boating or ice fishing, for example, a woolen sock strung over a boot can warm the foot and provide additional grip, for example, on a cliff. However, be careful there on the rocks and in the water!
  • The end of the sock can be cut open and used as a wrist or ankle warmer
  • A sock can be used to make an arm holster for a phone, for example for Lenk

For pets

  • Fill the sock with catnip and give it to the cat as a toy
  • Put a tennis ball in the sock and give it to the dog as a toy


  • Old socks can be used as craft material
  • Socks can also be used to make hand puppets and stick horse heads
    You can recycle the sock by protecting it while painting or changing the shoes

Moving and renovation

  • Shoe protection when painting
  • Storage and protection of small items and shoes when moving
  • When moving furniture, protect the floor by stringing socks around the legs of the furniture
    The sock can be reused by protecting the floor from heavy objects, such as tables

Body care

  • If your muscles are sore, you can fill a sock with rice or oatmeal and heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. The heated package feels comfortable and can relax the muscles. Socks filled with oats have also been used for skin care, as oats against the skin can reduce itching and soothe the skin. A sock full of oats and a foot or hand in the sock. Does it work? If you try it, make sure the sock isn't too holey and the oats/rice will leak out
    You can recycle the sock by turning it into a dog chew toy or massage tool
  • When you sprain your ankle, you can put a freezer bag or ice cubes inside the sock and place the pack against the ankle. The cold should not be applied directly to the skin
  • Back massage: put a tennis ball inside a long sock. Place your back against the wall and rub your back against the ball
  • If the skin on your feet is dry or hardened badly, you can try a fat bath. Grease your feet with a greasy base cream, put plastic bags on your feet and socks over the bags. Keep the bath for an hour or overnight
  • Aching feet can be helped by wetting woolen socks with ice water, squeezing out the excess water and pulling them on the feet for a while

What to replace old socks?

When you need more intact socks, remember to buy durable and comfortable socks - this promotes your own well-being and is an ecologically sustainable way. Even for socks, you should consider preferring domestic products. You may not find these in the cheap market, but of course we have a solution for this.

Check out the silky-soft and breathable Hukka Socks below. You can recognize each size of waste socks by the color of the logo - it makes it easier to sort the socks after washing!