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Best socks for sweating feet

Mitkä ovat parhaat sukat hikoileville jaloille?

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Sweaty feet may need something more than that basic supermarket cotton sock. Actually, common sock material cotton is not optimal material for sweating feet at all.

Bamboo and wool are the best materials

The best socks for sweaty feet are thin and made of a material that transfers moisture well away from the foot. For example artificial fibers, bamboo and wool are such materials. Socks made of a blended material have been proven to be the best at transferring moisture from the feet. However, avoid large percentages of artificial fiber - that makes your feet sweaty if anything.

Too small socks increase sweating

If you are not sure about the size, choose socks that are too big rather than too small to allow your toes to breathe. If the sock feels way too big, you can try shrinking it in the dryer. Too small a sock, on the other hand, is difficult to enlarge.

Our recommendation

The silky soft bamboo viscose used in the Hukkasukka socks breathes and transfers moisture perfectly. Your feet stay dry even on the hottest day - and warm even on the coldest day. The sock also dries quickly.

In addition to bamboo viscose, our socks contain 22% of artificial fibers, which further increases the sock's breathability, flexibility and durability.

As mentioned earlier, a sock that is too small can make your feet sweaty. Hukkasukka socks are snug and close-fitting - if you are not sure about the size, it's better to choose a bigger one.

Check out our socks below and buy our silky soft and breathable bamboo socks to pamper your feet.